We are looking for extremely talented and passionate individuals to help build world class products. We have a very friendly and comfortable work environment and better than industry standard compensataion. If challenges excite you and if you are looking to push the boundries of what you can achieve, you may apply for a position with your resume.
Senior Front-End Architect/Engineering Lead
Positions: 1

The candidate will be the foundation of the front-end team and will be responsible in architecting and building the front-end using cutting edge technologies and tools like ReactJS, graphQL et.. He will also mentor, motivate and head a team of exceptional programmers. This is a completely hands-on job.
Minimum 5 years of relevant experience

  • Advanced Javascript programming skills
  • In-depth understanding and advanced usage of ReactJS framework
  • In-depth understanding of the browser and its inner workings
  • Expertise in HTML/CSS
  • Expert understanding of media queries and Responsive Layouts
  • Understanding of Database, ORM, GraphQL
  • Ability to motivate, train and lead a team
Senior Backend Engineer
Positions: 2

The candidate will be part of our backed-end team and will be responsible for helping build the backend system and it's API services using Python and PostgreSQL. He will also mentor and motivate the juniors to become exceptional programmers.
Minimum 4 years of relevant experience

  • Excellent programming and problem solving skills
  • Advanced Python programming skills
  • Advanced Knowledge of data structures
  • Knowledge of Relational / NoSQL / graph databases
  • Experience with AWS, deploying production releases is a bonus
  • Knowledge of Devops and CI is a bonus